About Us

JH Advertising is a new company, and we want to hear from you. If you are a vendor who has something to offer to the local business owner, or if you are the business owner who wants a specific type of advertising, we encourage you to let us know. It is our job to listen to all of you tell us what to do, and use our knowledge to then exceed your expectations. So please, go to the contact us page, and send us an email or give us a ring!

JH Advertising is dedicated to it’s sales staff, the people they sell to, and the people they tell us to buy from; Whom are all our friends and neighbors. Our main focus is to listen to what people want, and to give it to them. JH Advertising wants everyone involved with us to live in a world of “abundance”, and we believe we can make it happen. It starts with simply listening to what’s out there……….

A good example of this is “business credit”. JH Advertising is teamed up with a company that offers small business credit solutions (we will soon have another page on our website for this) If your business qualifies (even if your personal credit score isn’t great) we guarantee that if you follow our unique 6-step process, you will have no less than $50,000 in credit under your business name, without any personal guarantee; Within 6-8 months. It is a good example because everyone wants the peace of mind of the equity, yet not a lot of people know about this. Listen.

We hear you. If you don’t think so let us know. We hear the person that needs a an honest job. We hear the business owner that needs the customers to know that they exist, but that doesn’t have a ton of money or time. We hear the businesses that need businesses to know that they exist, because they offer products like the ones on this website; That help consumer based businesses be heard. We hear you, and we want to keep listening, so please contact us.